A Dog Is A Man Best Friend

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Thousands of people every day have the idea of getting a pet. They have made their minds that a pet would be a great extension to their family. One of the common pets that people seem to want is a dog. Now everyone wants to own a dog, making it somewhat trendy. People in New York City seem to find a way to be able to own a dog, walk it at least three times a day, have some kind of job, and social life. Now everyone knows the cliché of “a dog is a man best friend”; but other than it being a very sexist term, and that your best friend actually has his own place, dogs are quite expensive to care for and difficult to handle. People, especially parents who are always asked by children about owning a pet, like a dog, usually say, “No” for which their reasoning comes from yet another cliché saying that "a dog is like a baby" which I find to be somewhat understanding, but yet I, like some many other people, would love to have something that some say would bring happiness to lives, a dog. From this, I wanted to know and find out if dogs are really as high maintenance as an actual child and if this is something that I see within my future, as I do like dogs and would love to own one in my future years.
From here I went to the streets to look over dog owners and find their perspective about these facts, along with others like better physical fitness, happiness, and just overall positive outlook. According to Rebecca Utz, in her article of Walking the Dog: The Effect of Pet Ownership on Human Health and Health Behaviors, She explains that "Results showed that pet owners, particularly dog and cat owners, had more positive physical health outcomes when compared to non pet owners or those owning other types of pets" (2014, p. 327) in which make...

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...sually have normal 9-5 jobs, and the children are in school. She takes the dog off the leash, stashes it in her bag and leaves the dog there. She returns to the park, half hour later with their bagged food (presumably breakfast?), and acted as though she never left. I was shocked by this because many people seem to proclaim that taking care of a dog is like taking care of a baby, so I would have thought that people wouldn 't leave their dog behind. I would also understand and saw times when there were people at the dog run and someone comes and let the dog play with the others inside, and the owner would just slip out, but they would come back, usually within a five minute frame; not talk ten to half hour breaks. From here the only thing else I would complain about is that dogs leak more than humans, and they have too much fur. From here I talk to the dog 's owners.

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