A Documentary On ' -ing Day Of My Life '

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Every F---ing Day of My Life is a documentary that features a family where the husband, Aaron Maldonado, is abusing his wife, Wendy Maldonado, and their children. Left with no chance to escape the brutal domestic violence, it ultimately provoked her to kill her husband with the help of her oldest son, Randy. Wendy was subjected to continual beatings and forced to have sex with Aaron against her will; she mentioned Aaron used to hurt her daily and sometimes, multiple times a day. The court sentenced Wendy 10 years in prison and Randy, 6 years, for first and second-degree manslaughter. Wendy killed her husband as an act of desperation and to protect herself and her children; Aaron did not attack her at the moment, but it was an act of desperation considering the years of violence and abuse. She suffered from Battered Women’s Syndrome and became isolated from her friends and family because of Aaron’s possessiveness. He controlled how she spoke and what she said. Her sister knew she was being abused, but could not do anything because Wendy was frightened and worried that Aaron would kil...

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