A Divine Conflict

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By definition, conflict is defined as a struggle resulting from irreconcilable or contradictory needs, motivations, desires or demands (Mirriam-Webster,2014, para 1). It is remarkable, to say the least, that two religions that share the fundamental message of peace and love are in perpetual conflict. Despite the two societies sharing monotheistic principles, similar histories and basic central beliefs, it is often those that lack true faith in these cultures that keep the fires of conflict burning.
According to Kenneth Scott Latourette PhD, an American historian, Christianity was established about six hundred and fifty years before Islam. Christianity began in Jewish communities, alongside many other Jewish factions that later fell into obscurity. Unlike the smaller offshoots of Judaism, Christianity spread and expanded to influence non-Jewish societies and eventually became a favorite in Rome. Many years after its conception, Christianity was able to distinguish itself from its Jewish roots and become an entirely separate religion. Historically, Christianity was known to be moderately flexible and highly influenced by the Greeks (Latourette, 1958, p. 44-46). This flexibility led to significant modifications, like the changing of the Sabbath. Before Greco-Roman influence, Christians celebrated the Sabbath on Saturdays, like the Jews (Morrison, 2014, para 1). It is believed, that this was done to further distinguish themselves as a non-Jewish entity and to appease the sun worshiping citizens of Rome.
Animosity did not always exist between the two religions. In fact, in the times of the prophet Mohammad, Muslims respected and liked Christians, because of their many religious similarities. One of their conflicts arose from Chris...

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