A Discussion On Firm Performance

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Firm performance
Although different firms have different structures, the measures of performances are relative to the location and production. The firm’s management identifies nature of the structures that fits their production and hence essential standard measurement. The relationships of the firm’s position are measured through the sales growth and dominance in market. The industries have different production line therefore calling to a relative measure depending on productivity through the profit generated. Essentially, the structure helps in ensuring the operations are undertaken efficiently and effective manner.
The aspects that firms consider during operations have to directly cover the status of employees. There is need of engaging with the staffs for their views. Through the study, direct observations are made from their conduct in places of work (Auer & Antončič, 2011). It helps in identification of their needs and satisfaction level considering the organization structure. Through the interview, they have to respond on their take on management, general organization structure and level of performances. Other areas such as promotion, rewards and moral support would be measure standard that would help to understand their relationship with the management. Thereafter, they are supposed to give recommendation regarding the areas that need structural improvement as well what would contribute toward higher productivity achievement.
Organizational structure study would depend on the nature of leadership in management and staffs structure together with general appearance of the firm. The management hierarchy is essential in determination of the supervisory activity hence depending on ranks and position held i...

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...partment according to their functions relation. The company management should ensure the services of the customers takes less time to increase the number of the attendance. Therefore, the spacing and layout should be well designed in a manner that contributes high services. The ratio of the space available and the number of the workers should also be considered. This reduces overcrowding and providing enough space per the staff. Enough space spacing should be allocated according to the services. In the case of the private issues, the specialist and the visitors are supposed to be provided with a private room for the issues.
Employee satisfaction depends on various factors such as organization and management structure. Organization should consider all aspects that are beneficial to the employee and hence ensuring they are catered for their benefit.
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