A Different Culture

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A Different Culture, A Different Look

“Hey fucker, get the hell over here”

“How about you kiss my ass pendejo”

The grin on his face is about as big as the gun he holds in his hands; an AK-47 looks really neat with a 30 round clip, let me tell you. The burb they came in is lifted 6 inches, and rides on 35’ tires. This beast doesn’t even need four wheel to climb a cliff. The three assholes are about as loaded down with ammunition as they are hung over, from the night before being the first night of the camp, what we like to call fucked night. Not to be confused with fucked day, which means you have the guns, just there is a lot more beer involved, and it goes on all day. Now that the trucks are left behind, it starts to get much more interesting. Packing in three guns(shotgun, rifle, pistol), two fishing rods(fly, spinning), a bow and arrows, and two cases of beer each is not an easy task for any one person, especially when you need things like food and a sleeping bag. Trips like this one are common, but usually only happen once on the camp. This is the day where the lake you are going to has no road leading to it, meaning there are usually no people around, meaning shooting at things and catching fish becomes much more fun and free.

“Hey dipshit, your rifles is about to fall of that hook on the top”

“That’s why I got the bungey cord on the side fuckface”

The three assholes start off into the forest to find something to kill, and something else to break. These are the things that assholes do alone in the woods. Their heavy packs weigh them down at first, but soon they fall into a rhythm on the trail. Eyes dart from side to side, always looking from what lurks in the shadows.
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