A Detailed Insight of My First and Last Burger

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MY DIARY- DAY ONE A DETAILED INSIGHT OF MY FIRST & LAST BURGER At first, it was only me, with my darkness, inside my egg. We stayed together, for a couple of months, until I received a sudden urge to explore. An urge to adventure! That urge made me start kicking my fragile egg, until it split open like a ship split in half. It was as dramatic as the Titanic splitting in half, only in a much smaller scale. After the “split” of the egg, the light of the outside world intruded into my eyes, invading the darkness that I had faced for so long. Finally, my true life had begun! Next, I saw a lot of things, and my first sights included: Deep, deciduous forests that covered the land around me, with forest green leaves blocking my vision after a certain distance. The greenery was covered with dew, which was thick and sweet-smelling. Its scent seemed to be sweeter than the sweetest peach in the whole of the forest. There was also something blocking my view. It looked like a frog, with a smooth, jungle green coloured skin. It covered the pudgy neck, the bulging tummy, and extravagantly big...