A Day in the Life of- Personal Narrative

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A Day in the Life of- Personal Narrative Being shaken awake by my mum I turn over annoyed, thrown my pillow over my head and groan in miserable agony at the thought of having another early morning. That dreaded feeling, the kind that makes you feel like your heart’s in the pit of your stomach, overcomes me as I know that at any moment my mum is going to put on the light, open the curtains and threaten me with a jug of cold water or being dragged by my feet out of bed, and promptly down the very bumpy staircase. I begrudgingly pull myself off the bed and half walk, half fall into my bathroom. Even with all my misery it gets ten times worse with the dread of school. I still do not understand the concept of going to school early, everyone is completely out of it anyway. If I had my way, at this time I’d be lying on my bed fast asleep. Brushing my teeth I choke on the minty toothpaste, making my throat sting, as I realise I haven’t done my maths homework…again! Sitting nervously, wracking my brain for yet another excuse as to why my homework’s missing, whilst eating a hot bowl of porridge, the most ingenious thing I could think of was “my dog ate it”- and that never seems to work. Arriving and dragging my feet through the gate into the old, daunting school is probably the most unbelievably depressing part of the day. That is, until the clanging bell vibrates in my ear and I have to run to the classroom with a ton of books weighing down my back. To my disbelief I trip and make an utter fool out of my self, luckily my friends are laughing with me and not at me –I hope. Even though school is so boring, don’t get me wrong, I do rea... ... middle of paper ... ...ework now !” this automatically gets me crazy and I have sometimes a huge argument with my mum knowing that 99 percent of the time I’m going to loose and end up doing my homework. Homework is defiantly the most craziest thing anyone has ever come up with. There is no point doing work at home its not like your learning anything. School is enough if you ask me. No wonder were so tired every morning were up half the night doing it-unless your like me who forgets to. I seem to dislike going to bed yet I always want to sleep in the morning. I always use that same old phrase “ just five minuets more” that’s in the morning and evening. After about half an hour I go up to bed and I fall fast asleep only knowing that the next morning I have to go through this all over again-how depressing-don’t get me wrong I’m not that bad.
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