A Day at the Beach

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This is essay is a report of a day at the beach, a research on the weather, climax changes, animals, plants and so on. My report is based on what I had seen and heard as I was at the beach observing the area, and as the tile wave increase and decrease. It was 5:13pm when I arrived at the beach in Alameda “Shoreline Dr. Alameda, CA 94501. The weather was windy when I arrived, parked my car and took for a walk, I noticed that there are people roaming around on the sand, kids horse playing and walking on the sand where the wave come in. There wasn’t as many people at the time, wind were breezy, picked up for a little while as I stood there on the sand, it felt as I was standing on a water bed, the sand were loose, cold yet warm after a while of walking on it with sandal on. The Sand felt as it was wet at the bottom, so I dig my hand down to the bottom, and noticed that there were water, I moved back a bit to see how far the wave reach on the sands. The wind began to pick up a gain, the wave has a little tile wave rapid every two minutes. As the evening set in, the sky began to change co...
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