A Cultural View of the World

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“He is not culturally ‘disadvantaged,’ but he is culturally ‘different.’” (Lake 111). This quote in itself proves the argument of this paper; it is saying how Wind Wolf has a different culture which effects how he views the world. Culture is something that affects the way we live; the values and opinions in which one possesses are dependent on culture. Ethnic foods, traditions celebrated, and religions are all examples of aspects influenced by culture. Surrounded by culture every day, a person’s family, ethnicity, and religion have profound effects on their view of the world.
Ethnicity is a monumental role in culture. It can have many effects on how a person acts within their own ethnic group. For instance, the climate zone in which a person resides affects their ethnicity because it influences one’s way of life. A person who lives in a rural setting lives a different lifestyle than someone in a more urban setting just as a person who lives in a colder climate lives a different lifestyle than someone in a warmer climate. Based on where they live, this effects their occupation, the clothing they wear, and how they speak. Another way ethnicity affects culture is through “ethnocentrism.” This concept means that certain ethnic groups may believe that their culture is superior to others. Therefore, there develops cultural conflicts where one sees their culture as correct and other cultures as wrong, or bad.
One way that helps people to form opinions about the world are family traditions. Without even knowing it, a family will provide knowledge and influence the way one views the world. They also help define what is “normal”. In “Matrimony with a Proper Stranger” it states, “… the tradition of arranged marriage, consi...

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... hate the Muslim culture because of an incorrect stereotype. Another example of religious influence is found in thinking that one’s religion is superior to another. This is found in almost every religion; people believe their religion is better than other religions and believe that they are superior to other people.
Although one might argue that one’s culture does not affect how one views the world through Richard Rodriguez’s experience abandoning his culture for education, it in fact does because even though he abandoned part of his culture, it still influenced how he viewed the world through some of the things that he ended up doing. Another argument one might present is that everyone is their own individual and every person is unique. However, this idea flawed because one’s individuality is constantly changing and it itself is affected by culture.
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