A Critical Examination of the Sexual Life of Man In Sigmund Freud

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A Critical Examination of the Sexual Life of Man In Sigmund Freud


It is a word that rings a bell, it penetrates all cultures and

overwhelms all humanity. It means many things to many people; to some,

it is sacred and should be treated with respect. To others, it is

pleasurable and should be lured to without repression; expressed it is

worded "human sexuality".

Reiterating the central place which sexuality occupied in the life of

man, Dietrich writers:

Sex … as contrasted with other departments of bodily

Experience is essentially deep. Every manifestation

of sex produces an effect which transcends the physical

sphere and in a fashion quite unlike the other bodily

desires involves the soul deeply in its passion …

(Dietrich, 1935:12-14)

There is a crusade carried out to give sexual enlightenment to the

youths and those who are ignorant of this all important and integral

aspect of man. In this crusade some inquisitive minds may come in

contact with some erroneous opinions that - claims to be authority on

the subject. Therefore our concern here is to expose and criticize

some of these erroneous opinions on human sexuality; so as to prevent

frail, emotional and gullible minds against easy assimilation of such

misgivings especially when it is not compatible with the injunctions

of moral standards. One of such erroneous doctrines was postulated by

Sigmund Freud, who is our cynosure in this work. Sigmund Freud

extended the meaning of sexuality to include early childhood sucking

for nourishment and evacuation of the content of the bowel.

Consequently, he constructed the doctrine of psychosexual...

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