A Critical Analysis Of 'The Yellow Wallpaper'

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Rhonda Crawford
Mr. Kirkpatrick
ENG 113
September 28, 2017

The Yellow Wallpaper (1892)

The short story Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman explains the theme of men centered domination, with women being deprived of the basic right of freedom of expression. Gilman does a great job adding to her story's theme in a creative and critical way. It began when the couple takes a summer vacation after the birth of their daughter. Gilman stated, “A colonial mansion, the hereditary estate, I would say a haunted house and reach the height of romantic felicity but that would be asking too much of fate” (473). She's upset and believes
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Gilman stated, “There is one marked peculiarity about the paper, a thing nobody seems to notice but myself, and that is that it changes as the light changes” (479). The narrator believes that the house was weird by the images on the wallpaper. However, everything about the wallpaper upsets her; it odor, its form, and the way it appears creeping up and down. Her spouse takes care of her all the time and treats her as a child he stated in the story. Gilman stated, “What is it little girl” (478)! The narrator stated, “Felt trapped in her body and trapped in her life "Bless her little heart" (Gilman 478)! The narrator lives in a world where her spouse made choices for her on how she would be cured of her illness. Gilman is suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to their child. However, he did not make his wife feel better, which is why they visit there for, he just makes his wife feel worse with so much guilt on her. When she gets settled down in the room she began to see its alarming qualities, like the print in the yellow wallpaper. The narrator expresses that the wallpaper cracking makes her nervous, but her spouse does not respond about the cracking wallpaper. Gilman uses first-person narrator to reveal past and past –tense awareness of her illness. Gilman stated, “There are things in the wallpaper that nobody knows about but me, or ever will”
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