A Critical Analysis Of The Tables Turned By Wordsworth

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“Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books…” Wordsworth starts off by saying this in one of his highly known poems “The Tables Turned.” In this poem, Wordsworth creates a mood of happiness, serenity, and calmness. He likes to think of nature as some super power and it can do anything to anyone. Wordsworth is opposed to staying inside and doing nothing. He is all about going outside and letting yourself be free and enjoying mother nature. What I’m basically going to be talking about is “The Tables Turned” and how it relates to our life that we live in now. I've been online and have read many different views on this poem and all of them have seemed to have told the same thing. They all talk about how Wordsworth is telling the readers to get of their behinds and go outside. One analysis stated, “The speaker begins by telling his friend to stop reading books; he'll become fat from being sedentary… (Gradesaver).” Wordsworth was against sitting down and being lazy especially when it is nice outside. The website then follows up with, “...The speaker then asks why he chooses to be so serious w...
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