A Critical Analysis Of The Five Dimensions Of Poverty

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Conditions where people’s basic needs for food, clothing and shelter are not being met is referred to as poverty. Poverty is hunger and powerlessness. Poverty has many definitions in which to describe it. The subject poverty has been the biggest issue nationally and especially among the developing countries. In this essay one will critically evaluate and discuss the above statement using chambers (1983) five dimensions of poverty.

“Poverty is a condition where a society barely survives on a level of subsistence, coupled with limited access to the necessities of physiological factors such as clothing, food and appropriate accommodation, in view of maintaining a basic standard of living” (Balogun,1999). “Poverty is devastating to many. It causes instability and political unrest and fuels conflict” (Koffi annan, 2005, Former US Secretary
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“Lack of adequate income or the assets needed to generate income. Lack of employment. Without access to land or the ability to grow their own food, access to dependable wage labor emerges as a major factor defining poverty. Those who do not have secure jobs are regarded as poor- South Africa 1998. Poor have numerous small, often dangerous jobs, rather than one job” (Chambers, 1983).
Physical weakness:
Physical weakness is namely being disabled, sick, have disease or pain which should do with the body as it is a resource. “Having a household member who is physically weak, sick or handicapped, unable to contribute to the household livelihood but needing to be fed and taken care of is a common cause of income poverty and deprivation. Hunger and food insecurity brings about malnutrition” (chambers, 1983).
Isolation is basically being alone, cut off and not given much attention. Isolated in communication is lacking contacts and information, including not being able to read. Isolated by a lack of social services and by a lack of social or economic supports.