A Critical Analysis Of The Effectiveness Of Lesson Plan C

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A critical analysis of the effectiveness of Lesson Plan C.
The lesson plan in question appears to be an effective form of planning for teaching computing in the primary classroom. In the first instance, because the planning uses the construct of creating a game, which in the first instance encourages active engagement (Mcgann and Leavy, 2015) and in the second instance presents opportunities for problematizing (Mcgann and Leavy, 2015). Additionally due to the frequent opportunities for collaboration. Lesson plan C is based around the concept that children will create their own game through programming. Mcgann and Leavy (2015) purport that the use of creating a game as a structure for the teaching of programming is a particularly effective
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However Piaget’s work has been criticised as he suggests that the child’s learning can be advanced only when certain levels of development have been reached (Gray and Macblain, 2015). This would certainly be a difficult concept to marry with the idea of teaching a seemingly complicated concept as programming, nevertheless current thinking suggests that children can learn concepts that may have appeared far too complex previously. Accordingly the practising educator might be well advised to employ this concept of teaching programming in order to fulfil the Teachers’ standard four, “plan and teach well-structured lessons” (Department for Education (DfE), 2011).
Additionally, lesson plan C would be a useful tool due to the opportunities for collaboration that it provides. Mcgann and Leavy (2015) propose that collaboration is a useful feature of lesson planning when teaching programming. They present a case study of three girls who work together problematizing to design multiplayer games with the program Scratch. This study demonstrates that with a more knowledgeable peer pupils can achieve objectives that were previously out of reach. Williams and Easingdon (2007) further eschew the value of collaborative work when using

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