A Critical Analysis Of Robert Frost's 'Mending Wall'?

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Similar to Robert Frost’s “Road Not Taken”, a simple and light-hearted poem, “Mending Wall”, has a deeper and more-thoughtful meaning to it. Through this analysis, we gain better understanding of how and why “Mending Wall” by Robert Frost is an example of modernist literature by challenging and deviating from the traditional ‘normality’ of poetry. Furthermore, we will discuss a high-level summary and meaning of the poem along with how aphorism and metaphor/simile contribute to its meaning. Finally, identify the theme of the poem and explain its development while discussing the influence of three elements of poetry.
Robert Frost’s writing style transcended the traditional literature in its time, thus, making him one of the most famous poets
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The poem appears to question the traditional thoughts and ideas that are carried over to the modern day times. First, the neighbor that is helping to mend the wall repetitively states that "Good fences make good neighbors". This aphorism and the process of mending the wall during spring time appear to anger the narrator. While the saying may be true, it frustrates the narrator that the neighbor cannot provide an explanation for the use or origination of the wall that they are mending. Frost also uses various metaphors and similes to help illustrate the scene and help convey his overall theme of challenging traditional thoughts and traditions. Frost uses the wall as a metaphor for various traditions that we follow and uphold. The narrator challenges the idea of the wall and consistently questions the intent and origin of the…show more content…
The wall, which appears to be in existence prior to the narrator moving in, was built to serve a specific purpose. The mending of the wall was a process performed each spring to ensure that the wall remained intact and protected the land inside and outside of the wall. "Good fences make good neighbors" also plays a part in the symbolism where the neighbor repeats the saying but doesn’t appear to fully understand the reason on why the fence or wall makes good neighbors. Frost uses all three of these as symbols in our modern day society. For the common people to question the process and custom. This also fits into the element of modernist literature as the old literature never questioned or deviated from past traditions. The new or modern literature brought forth new
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