A Critical Analysis Of Oscar-Claude Monet And The Sunrise

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Rejected by all of Parisian society in 1872, Oscar-Claude Monet 's Soleil Levant, or Impression Sunrise, was the unfortunate center of mockery and ridicule. Today, the painting 's market value surpasses $30 million , but the value of its cultural impact on the world is worth far more. Impression, Sunrise, fathered a revolutionary new style of painting called Impressionism, after its name, and brought vast change into the world of art. Recognized for its modernity, Monet 's painting rejected all established techniques, and its incorporation of new technology and ideas opened the floodgates for years of experimentation to come. It was out with the old and in with the new. This particular work of art is a cultural treasure in that it brought a…show more content…
This microscopic change in the speed regarding brush movements to show momentary details had outstanding and everlasting effects on art and the paintings of the future. His thirst for quick-capturing elevates the replication of the optical experience of the scene being painted. It was done with pure, unblended colors and abrupt edges and corners. Impression, Sunrise in particular, paints the port of La Havre at sunrise. Monet juxtaposed steamboats with cranes in the background using faint pastels to create a hazy effect and contradicted the background with solid, dark, and clearly-defined sailboats and fishermen in the foreground. His representation of this economically-active location is interpreted as his artistically-executed answer to post-war calls for French patriotism. The painting was believed to be analogous to the post-war revitalization of France. Critics and historians believed that the loose brush strokes and the cloudy scene were meant to suggest the chaos and uncertainty of that moment and that Impression, Sunrise was about Monet 's search for spontaneous expression, drifting away from the carefully planned and detailed
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