A Critical Analysis Of Henchard By Donald Farfrae

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technologies. This is yet another thing that Henchard wanted but ultimately failed to do. In my opinion Donald Farfrae is what Henchard could have been if he had not made his past mistakes. Donald Farfrae is everything that Henchard wishes and attempts to be, and because of this he ends up loathing Farfrae. Due to Henchard’s dislike and jealousy towards Farfrae he ends up taking many risks and in turn ends up gambling away a lot of credit and most of his fortunes. Michael Henchard acts on emotion and it pulls him closer and closer to his demise. Another important relationship that deeply impacted Henchard’s emotional stability was that of him and Elizabeth-Jane. At the start of the novel Henchard sells his daughter and wife, so already he has a rocky relationship with his child. He missed her grow up and he knows it. When she comes back into his life he becomes nervous and possessive, not wanting to lose her again. Henchard prompts Elizabeth-Jane to take his name. Shortly after he finds out that she is not his child but the child of Newson, the man who Henchard sold her to. However, Elizabeth-Jane is unaware of who her real father is as Michael told her that he is her biological father. Emotions take over yet again, and Henchard…show more content…
Feeling and acknowledging your emotions ultimately makes us as people stronger. However, letting your emotions engulf you the way that Michael Henchard does it dangerous. Henchard is powerful but he has zero control over his emotions. He allows his emotions to overtake him and dictate the things that he does. When Henchard drinks the result is a horrifying result of heightened emotions. Henchard is emotionally unstable and his actions mirror that. One of Michael Henchard’s redeeming qualities is that he is a man that is willing to recognize his faults and his wrongdoings. He also attempts to right his wrong, although ultimately failing due to his
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