A Critical Analysis Of Bell Hooks

A woman used writing as a way to heal herself through a black society where she was powerless. The novelist, Bell Hooks, recites the overcoming struggle she faces by living in a white dominant world. Bell’s desire was to portray to her audience how feminism works for and against blacks. For her, poetry was her escape path from her true identity. It was her privileged speech that allowed herself to express her emotions. Bell hook embraces her well being as an under privileged black woman as a strategy to share with the reader her experiences and struggles. Hook’s uses logos, pathos and rhetorical questions as strategies for her reader Bell Hooks starts her novel off with an approach to grab the readers attention immediately. Hooks uses…show more content…
This makes them question Bell’s argument even more. She asks “They were silent, who is listening and what do they hear?”(Hooks)Hooks asks these questions as a strategy for her readers to think deeper about the thoughts going through the listeners mind and realize the position they are in with discrimination. She also asks “Did they think about colonization,about internalized racism?”(Hooks). This question is an extremely bold one. It unfolds the truth of white supremacy and how the blacks viewed the whites. In order for Hook’s to get across her argument in a purposely manner, she used the strategy of rhetorical questions for the readers to question themselves and the world around them. After reading Bell Hooks novel, it is clear she wanted her audience to focus more importantly on what she was saying rather than the person saying it. She is skillful with persuading her audience. She did this by engaging the readers with her own personal experiences. The topic of this novel is talked about still in todays world. Everywhere you go the discussion of blacks against whites is always part of a discussion. It’s amazing to see how powerful a rhetoric piece of writing can be that relates to big topics we see in todays
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