A Conscientious Decision and Stance

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Can we really agree with North Koreas current supreme commander Kim Jong-un in saying that their people are liberated from exploitation and oppression? Let’s first agree to disagree with powers controlling North Korea in calling their government Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Furthermore, to examine this country as a true democratic republic rather than communist Korean Workers' Party can put a bitter taste in any American’s mouth. Hence, the general citizens have no say in any aspect of their country, which contradicts the meaning of democracy in America’s ideology of a constitutional democracy and its Greek root meaning of democracy “rule of the people” and not North Koreas leading party’s interpretation, which is the rule over the people. North Korea is rated second to last in the world for exploiting and oppressing its own citizens, according to the World Press Freedom Index. In 2009, Kim Jong-il, Chairman of the National Defense Commission, which is the highest office of the State, declared North Korea and China’s relationship as “unbreakable.” Since 2006, China has economically supported North Korea’s stability, yet China implemented United Nation sanctions against North Korea. Looking at North Koreas government system and how it is sponsored, this is why we should not back China’s economy through our trading arrangement in turn supports this tyranny and injustice that occurs in North Korea, that conflicts with our own God-given rights. Without the support of China today North Koreas totalitarian regime would disintegrate. This government system acts like a dictatorial of successors who fall under Kim Il-sung family line, prime minister then president of North Korea until his death in 1994. This absolute dictatorshi... ... middle of paper ... ...tions we will leave behind when it is time to move on from this world. Works Cited "2014 Index of Economic Freedom North Korea." 3 June 2013. The Heritage Foundation. Web. 19 March 2014. . Brooke, James. The Age Company. 19 November 2004. Web. 24 March 2014. . "globalEDGE." April 2012. North Korea: Government Principal Government Officials. Web. 20 March 2014. . O'Neill, Mark. Kim Il-sung's secret history. 17 October 2010. Web. 15 March 2014. . "U.S. Department of State." 31 January 2014. U.S. Relations With North Korea. Web. 1 April 2014. .

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