A Confederacy of Dunces

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Journal One:
A Confederacy of Dunces

Chapter One:
Plot: Ignatius waited for Mrs. Reilly outside the department store. A policeman attempted to apprehend Ignatius; a mob ensued with the result of an old man being arrested for calling the policeman a communist. Mrs. Reilly and Ignatius escape to a local bar in which the bartender treats them with a lack of respect as well as eavesdrops on their conversation about Ignatius’ trip to Baton Rouge.
The old man, Claude Robichaux, was brought before the police sergeant as well as the officer who brought him in. A black man named Jones made comments during the man’s “interrogation” and was repeatedly told to shut up by name, giving the idea that this wasn’t the first time Jones had been there.
Returning to the Night of Joy bar, Ignatius’ mother sells her hat to a young gentleman for fifteen dollars while Ignatius tells his bus story to a regular customer by the name of Darlene. Mrs. Reilly has a little too much to drink and begins to weave a tale of domestic mistreatment by her boy and Darlene loses interest in Ignatius. Ms. Lee, the bar’s patron returns from a few hours of shopping and kicks the Reillys out of the bar. When Mrs. Reilly tries to drive away from the city, she demolishes a Voltzwagon parked behind the massive ’46 Plymouth and crumbles a balcony of a building she hits. The officer from Ignatius’ previous incident ends the chapter with his arrival in a most awkward costume, punishment for his earlier dealings.
Character: Ignatius is a highly intelligent, socially awkward, and interesting character. Plump and at least a little bit apprehensive towards the world in general, he wears an odd assortment of clothing and pines for his lost lumber jacket. He is 30, unemployed and lives with his mother. He spent eight years of college getting a masters degree in an as of yet undisclosed discipline, possibly having to do with medieval history based upon his one known job interview with the head of Medieval Studies in Baton Rouge.
Mrs. Reilly is Ignatius’ mother. She has arthritis of the elbow and shows a genuine interest in the well being of her child while on the same time feels a slight feeling of resentment of his overpowering each and every conversation as well as the trouble he finds himself in.
Claude Robichaux was the old man who tried to defend Ignatius by calling the policeman a communist.