A Complete Shit Hole By Gore Vidal And Flannery O ' Connor

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I do not believe this world will ever be completely free. People living on this planet would take advantage and make this beautiful place a complete shit hole. Gore Vidal introduces the topic of giving humans the freedom to take any single drug they want. He tells us that we should label these drugs with the side effects and allow anyone to take them at their own risk. His whole point is to let people in our society do what they want with their own body. Flannery O’Connor takes on the subject of making the younger generation of students learn the about the past. She is upset at the fact that this generation of students are only interested in learning about what is now and are uninterested in learning about the past. O’Connor truly believes that people should be learning about the past to know how they got to where they are now. In the essays with Gore Vidal and Flannery O’Connor, they both relate to historical ignorance and individual rights. Gore Vidal speaks mostly on why drugs should be legalized everywhere and be permitted to be taken in public. Vidal gives key facts on how this would work out, he says that it is freedom and that instead of banning the drug put a label on it with side effects so that the person knows what they are putting into their body before they do it. I believe in Vidal because despite that some drugs are extremely bad for your body, people should have control over what they want into their body. It is their own individual right to do what they want to themselves. I oppose Vidal though because giving someone this freedom can come crashing down very quick. A lot more addiction in drugs could be seen. Individual freedom is a difficult topic to even discuss. But if someone 's individual freedom affects your ... ... middle of paper ... ... dating back to the 1970’s. In the case of Baker v.s Nelson, two men applied for a marriage license and were rejected even though the Minnesota law did not specify gender in the law of marriage. This is another point where law did not specify gender, so why was it rejected? This tells me that people judged and did not like the idea of same-sex marriage, so they just agreed to reject it. Individual freedom to love another person and get married was taken away from these people just because it was seen as unusual. On January 26, 2015, the Supreme Court finally legalized gay marriage after a 45 year- long battle. I look around and now see many more gay couples, but I see no wrong in them. I am not gay at all. I have a beautiful girlfriend, but I strongly believe there should never be a situation where you 're forbidden from someone based off of your sexual orientation.

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