A Complete Look at Fad Dieting and Your Health

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Chapter 10 – Comparing the Stillman Diet and the Atkins Diet The Stillman diet is more closer to the Atkins diet than the South Beach diet is. The South Beach diet works on the bases of eating the right types of carbohydrates. Where as the Stillman diet and the Atkins diet focus on no carbohydrates to low carbohydrates. As well both the Stillman diet and the Atkins diet are high protein diets. In this they both promote the consumption of high amounts of protein. Both believing that the restriction of carbohydrates and the increase in protein will aid in rapid weight loss. Both diets are right in their belief that this will allow for rapid weight loss. The problem is with both of these diets they also come with some potential health risks. Critics point out that both the Stillman diet and the Atkins diet cause ketosis. Ketosis puts a strain on the kidneys and no research can show yet what the long term health risks are. Both diets are also known to increase the risk of heart disease since they promote such high amounts of protein. While the Stillman diet cuts out all forms of carbohydrates and fats and puts the dieter on a very strict food list, the Atkins diet allows for small amounts of carbohydrates and an unrestricted amount of fats. Most people will use the Stillman diet in connection with the Atkins diet for this reason. While on the Atkins diet some dieters will switch to the Stillman diet to get over any stalls with their weight loss while on the Atkins diet. It is no wonder that with the similarities in the diets that the Stillman diet was competition for the Atkins diet back in the 1970s. Nor is it any wonder that in today’s fad diet era of low carbohydrates that both are making a come back. Chapter 11 – The Zone... ... middle of paper ... ...o men. Thus making it easier to get a man who is in need of a diet on one. The cons of the Zone diet: The Zone diet books are restrictive and can be confusing to a dieter. This makes it hard to follow the diet with a little more clarity being shed on what Barry Sears, PhD meant. While you will not have to count calories while on the Zone diet, you will have to count protein grams, carbohydrates and fat grams every time you eat. The high levels of protein consumed may put you at risk of heart disease. While many athletes believe that the Zone diet helps with performance, not all believe this. Some athletes believe that the amount of carbohydrates allowed on the Zone diet is not enough to prevent muscle cramps and hinder endurance when training. There is hardly any research that the claims made that the 40/30/30 ratio is best for normalizing insulin levels.
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