A Comparsion of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

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Introduction Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are intelligent innovative thinkers who have always new things to show and give to the world, and both of them are known as the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution in the modern age. These two entrepreneurs may both work in the field of technology, but they also have many differences to distinguish themselves from one another. Early Life Bill Gates grew up in a wealthy area in Seattle, Washington, with his parents and two sisters. As the son of a lawyer and a schoolteacher, Gates attended a public school and then went to the Lakeside School, a private college prep institute. During his years at Lakeside School Gates became interested in the field of computer programming, he met his friend and future business partner Paul Allen, and developed his first computer software program at 13 years old. Steve Jobs was adopted in February of 1955 by Paul and Clara Jobs, who were very kind people. They were so interested in fulfilling their son’s needs that they moved from Mountain View, California, to Los Altos, California, in 1968, to put Jobs in a new school because he told them that he could not get along with the students in his old school. He mostly had an interest in science and often looked at things from a different viewpoint. He also preferred to hang with the older students because he was very mature for his age. Gates and Jobs share the same interest because they both were very mature for their age and they both started to realize their interest in computer science when they were very young. Personal Life On January 1, 1994 Gates married Melinda French. They have two daughters and one son; Jennifer Katherine (b.1996), Phoebe Adele (b.2002), and a son Roy John (b. 1... ... middle of paper ... ...oove, InfoPath, and OneNote. These programs have even helped us students today with all of our college work. As I previously said they are known as the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution in the modern age. Even in the year 2013 we are still relying on some of the inventions that they have created, we have become attached to some of them. Both Gates and Jobs began their journey at a very young age. Both of them had a dream and with motivation and determination they were able to make that dream a reality. They both started from the bottom and rose to the top in an instant by focusing on their business and also trying to become one of the most successful people in the entire world. In closing Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have made a big contribution to the technology world, and both became two of the most successful entrepreneurs in our world.

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