A Comparison of Two Newspaper Articles

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A Comparison of Two Newspaper Articles

In this coursework 'B' I would be comparing two news articles from two

different sources. This coursework will be divided into three parts.

The background and context, the view of both articles i.e. use of

languages, headlines, quotes used e.t.c the last part will be my

opinion and the conclusion.

The main idea is to compare two news articles about a prison called

Guantanomo bay in Cubaand how the prisoners are being treated, if the

prisoners require a fair trial, if torture is going on and so on.

These two articles are gotten from the internet the websites are

www.dailymail.co.uk and www.bbc.co.uk. These two sources have

different ways of reporting news. The daily mail can be classified as

a tabloid which is a kind of news which is based on giving

entertainment and drawing the attention of the public. The other which

is BBC can be classified as a broadsheet style which has the aim of

giving factual and objective news to the public.

This coursework is really going to be an interesting one because it

helps us to see how two different sources talk about the same thing.

It would entail how the present, which one of both (headlines) draw

the attention to the public. I look forward to completing it because

it is an activity which seems interesting and shouldn't be bye-passed.


On September 11 2001, two aeroplanes which were hijacked by terrorist

crashed into the two tallest buildings in the USpopularly known as the

twin towers. Some suspects from al qaeda where arrested on charges on

terrorism and where put in Guantanamo bay, Cuba. The president in

charge of this...

... middle of paper ...

...omeone/ prisoner who was actually

going through torture.

I believe torture was taken in the prison because in the Daily Mail

article it said that even though Bush denied, Donald Rumself a US

Politian secretly approved harsh interrogation methods such as removal

of clothing, poking of chest, sexual humiliation suggest torture in

the prison. A typical example is that from the BBC article saying that

Mozzam Begg in his letter wrote that all information and papers of

confession had been done under torture and threats of death.

Finally, as a solution and in conclusion I think that no matter how

this prisoners are the original partakers in the crime on September

11, they should be given a fair trial and should be given a fair trial

and they should be allowed to here their lawyer, as a form of defence

to back them up.
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