A Comparison of Poems About London

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A Comparison of Poems About London 'London', by William Blake, and William Wordsworth's untitled poem, composed on Westminster Bridge, are two different poems written with different styles and techniques to portray their feelings towards London. They are both written in the romantic era and are very passionate in the way they convey their (as both are written in first person) differing opinions on London. Wordsworth's sonnet shows all the positive points and that in his opinion London is an admirable place. However, Blake speaks of a much bleaker London, which contrasts greatly in opinion. Rather than writing his poem on opinion, he uses fact to inform and protest against what he feels is wrong with the city. Wordsworth's sonnet is fourteen lines long, each consisting of iambic pentameters, ten syllables to a line. This structure shows it as a sonnet, which are always considered as love poems, hence showing his love for London. It also allows there to be a constant flowing rhythm throughout. However there is a slight...
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