A Comparison of Medical Transplants and Organ Donation in Canada and China

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The term “medical transplant” is referred to the process of organ donation. In current modern trends, the world is moving towards the fifth generation. The new innovative medical techniques have enabled the people to reform from severe diseases. The phenomenon of organ donation and transplant is based on two primary persons. It involves surgical process to remove a body organ and tissue form from donor and fitting it into the body of recipient. In addition, the transplant that is performed within same body is called auto graft. Medical transplant that is performed in between to different bodies of same species is called allografts (Hewitt, 2008). The main reason of medical transplantation and organ donation is any injury and disease which prohibit the organ to work in proper condition.

Medical Transplant and Organ Donation; China and Canada

There is an excessive level of organ recipients than organ donors. Many people lose their life every day because they do not find donors for their organ transplantation. China and Canada are one of those countries which have the highest medical transplantation rate in the world. According to some recent organ transplant survey report, China is one of those countries who run largest organ transplant programs in the world. Some other survey reports also show that there are a huge number of Canadian people who are waiting to for the organ or tissue transplant to live a healthy life. For better understanding and clear representation, comparison and contrast of organ donation in between China and Canada has been made below in tabular format.

Comparison and Contrast

Rules and Regulation

Organ Donation and Transplant in China Organ Donation and Transplant in Canada

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