A Comparison of Freedom in Beloved and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest

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Theme of Freedom in Beloved and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Freedom as defined in Websterís dictionary is liberation from the control of another person or arbitrary power, a being able to act or move without hindrance or restraint. My definition of freedom is altered from this due to the various experiences I have had. These experiences affect my perception of life and influence how I define freedom, just as another person would view freedom differently than me. Freedom, as I perceive it to be, is the ability to live a life without any restrictions or limitations imposed on you by others. You must have complete control over every aspect in your life. Most people think of freedom only in the realm of the physical, but I believe that freedom is emotional as well. In order to be considered free, you must be separate from your past. You need to acknowledge your past and realize what has happened, but at the same time you need to move on. You cannot allow your life to be lived according to what has happened in your past, or a cycle will ensue. This cycle comes from making choices while ìfreeî. During a life lived in freedom, inevitably a wrong decision will be made and you will be forced to deal with the repercussions. Some people become slaves to these choices, which results in an emotional bind. Therefore, from freedom comes entrapment and enslavement to the choices made while ìfreeî. People end up being extremely attached and emotionally affected by their past, such as the characters in Beloved and One Flew Over The Cuckooís Nest, that they will never live a ìnormalî life again. The theme of freedom is evident in both Beloved and One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. Every character in both of these texts is affected by freedom in some way or another. In Toni Morrisonís Beloved, Schoolteacher acts as the catalyst who takes away his slaveís freedom, where as in One Flew Over The Cuckooís Nest, Nurse Ratchet plays this role by infringing upon all of her patientís freedom. Sethe, in Beloved, suffers from both kinds of freedom. As a slave she has physical restraints placed on her as well as emotional ones. All slaves are confined to the land of their owners, which is an obvious violation of a personís freedom. Sethe was unable to leave the plantation and go where she desired.

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