A Comparison between Islam and Christianity

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Islam and Christianity

Everybody has his or her own level of importance when it comes to religion and its meaning. Some people see religion as a reason for being, while others might use their religion as a way to remain connected to home, or even blame it for every horrible act between humans. When first looking at the Islamic faith and the Christian faith they may seem very different from each other but when we take a closer look at them and compare them we can find a lot of very important similarities between the two religions. When doing research for this assignment I came across many articles which right from the start I was able to tell were going to be one sided, depending on the authors beliefs, and not very helpful to me. Because I was raised by my mom and her side of the family which were Jehovah’s Witnesses, I was able to not only learn about the Islamic faith but also about the Christian faith with which I haven’t had a chance to become all that familiar with, as well as ways in which both these religions are similar to one another and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

One of the most important similarities that I found when doing my research was that both Christians and Muslims is that both religions are truly monotheistic, and believe that faith and worshiping their one true God is the absolute most important part in their chosen religions (Gillum, 2010). Muslims find daily prayer to be especially important and it is done five times a day in order to create a continuous thought process and a reminder for all the things one is thankful for. Even though, Christians also pray daily, not all pray at selected times. Some Christians pray before every meal, when they first wake up and before going to bed. Part of Christians has se...

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...en looking at everything Muslims had to go through after September 11th, I can’t even begin imagine how difficult and unfair everything had to be for them. Personally, it almost makes me mad knowing that if everybody would’ve been able to take the time and try to learn about the Islamic faith, Muslims would never be blamed for what happened on September 11th and many innocent lives could’ve been saved.


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