A Comparison Of The Walt Disney World And Disneyland Resort

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According to a Themed Entertainment Association global attractions attendance report, 53,727,000 people visited the Walt Disney World and 27,238,000 people visited the Disneyland American theme parks respectively. Collectively, these United States Disney owned resort parks make up the first, second, sixth, seventh and eighth most visited theme parks in the world under the same report (Robinett, John). Therefore, with such a large popularity and attendance of these two resorts, families visiting may wonder, which one is an overall better option to visit for their family? To understand the reason for the comparison, it would first be beneficiary to learn about the general similarities and differences of the two parks. Both Walt Disney world and Disneyland resorts are owned and operated by the Walt Disney company through it’s parks and resorts division. Both resorts are home to an impressive amount of attractions, a variety of entertaining shows, and a collection of hotels that accommodate visitors looking to visit the resort’s theme parks. With its first park opening July 17th, 1995, Disneyland was to somewhat to an extent built by Walt Disney himself. Disneyland resort, near the west coast of the United States, is situated in Anaheim California. Opposingly, Walt Disney World is located near the East coast in Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista, Florida. With the opening of its first park on October 1st, 1971, the Disney World Resort was built after Disneyland and was created without the direct supervision of Walt Disney (“Disneyland Timeline”). Considering the reason for the comparison, because of its large size and its exclusive systems that it provides, Walt Disney World is an overall more enjoyable resort for families to visit when co... ... middle of paper ... ...ey company was able to set new standards and fix old problems with their new ambitious creation. The new standards that the company set can be seen throughout this paper: A larger resort, more parks and hotels, the use of the Magic Band and Fastpass+ systems. Even the main centerpiece castle of the two shared parks was improved by being built at a staggering 189 feet versus Disneylands 75 feet (Locke Karyn). Furthermore, fixes the company made can be seen through the use of the Utilidors. That addition must serve the purpose in solving the cast member traveling problem that Disneyland currently faces. Because Disney World was second and was able to fix and improve its parks, it serves as the better park for families to visit. Overall, because of the use of new adapted systems not found in Disneyland resort, Walt Disney World is the better resort for families to visit.

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