A Comparison Of The Themes In Octavia Butler's Parable Of Talents

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In a world where survival is the most important aspect of everyday life, it becomes common knowledge that your family alone will not be enough to save you from the death and destruction. By looking at the parallels within people’s relationships in Octavia Butler’s Parable of Talents, you can see that the chosen communities and families are stronger than the blood ones; this is important because the worlds depicted in dystopian novels are closer than generally thought so it is necessary to prepare oneself to create these chosen bonds. The three strongest relationships that parallel this claim are: Olamina and Larkin verses Olamina and Earthseed, Olamina and Marc verses Marc and Christian America, and finally, Larkin and Marc verses Larkin and…show more content…
From Larkin’s perspective, Olamina’s true reasoning for having children was not to love them but because “children would grow up learning the ‘truths’ of Earthseed and go on to shape the human future according to those ‘truths’” (Page 344). For these reasons, when provided the choice, Larkin chose Marc over Olamina. Even after Marc lied about Olamina’s existence, Larkin admits: “I was angry with him, but even angrier with her, somehow. I loved him more than I’d ever loved anyone no matter what he had done” (Page 404). Besides being Larkin’s blood mother, Olamina was nothing to her. When she attempted to meet Olamina and test the waters, she instinctively shrunk away from her touch: “This time, I did step away from her touch. I didn’t mean to but I don’t like to be touched. Not even by a stranger who might be my mother” (Page 399). Marc’s fear that Larkin would choose Olamina over him was prevalent in his decision making but just emphasized his decision to choose the Christian America lifestyle over

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