A Comparison Of The Gopro Session Vs. Hero4 Silver?

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GoPro Hero4 Session vs. GoPro Hero4 Silver An adventurer loves to capture the best moments covering all the possible angles and caging all the thrills within a video or through photographs. Wearable cameras or popularly known as action cameras enable this by providing still shots as well as video footage recording. If the adventure is planned alone, action cameras have become mandatory as they are capable of preserving those great memories which could be once in a life time achievements. It is fascinating to know that after the introduction of GoPro action cameras into the market, everything changed and people’s perspective over such gadgets turned into a positive light. GoPro is considered the Grandfather of all the successive companies that…show more content…
However, they have come out of their box and made the Hero4 Session in the form of a square. Hero4 Silver is rectangular in shape which looks pretty much the same when compared to other products of the GoPro. By adding a little depth to the Hero4 Silver, the manufacturers enabled to make a square shape which made the gadget look very small and can fit easily anywhere. Although the GoPro products are not large, this one makes them appear extra large because of its size. Both the action cameras are extremely light weight and can be maneuvered without any effort. It can be predictable that with its small size Hero4 Session is going to be very light and indeed it is only of 74 grams. Surprisingly, the Hero4 Silver also comes with a negligible weight of 83 grams. You should not expect any vibrant colors from GoPro, as they seem to thrive for a classical look rather than an ultramodern look. The Hero4 Silver looks as traditional as its predecessors and comes with a combination of black and silver…show more content…
It has no combination of colors and comes as a novelty from GoPro. The tiny design and single color makes it appear like a cool gadget. The GoPro Hero4 Session with the novelty factor wins the trophy for design and Hero4 Silver lacking modernity or novelty has to suffice with the runner-up

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