A Comparison Of Steve Jobs

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Minecraft and the Macintosh. They both start with an “m” and so does the word millionaire. A pretty big coincidence if I do say so myself because the makers of these creations became millionaires, even billionaires. So then who created these amazing works of technology? The answer to that question is Steven Paul Jobs and Markus Alexej Persson, both of these men intriguing people.

Steve Jobs was a big troublemaker in his early years and was very intuitive. First, Steve was born in San Francisco, California on February 24, 1955. Next, he was adopted by Clara and Paul Jobs when he was a baby. After that, he grew up in Mountain View, California in South San Francisco. Finally, Steve Jobs had an adopted
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First, Jobs started his education by going to Monta Loma Elementary. After that, he took a test and scored such an extraordinarily high score that the school wanted him to skip all the grades up to high school when he was only eleven years old. Luckily, his father and mother thought that was a terrible idea and only let him skip fifth grade. Next, he went to Crittenden Middle school, but he got bullied so much that he threatened his mom and dad by telling them he would quit school if the bullying didn 't stop. They knew Steve’s threats were serious, so they changed to the Cupertino school system. Finally, Jobs went to Reed college and continued to attend classes even when he dropped out of…show more content…
First, Paul started up the Apple company in his father and mother’s garage, which cost him and his friend Woz quite a lot of money. Second, he created the Apple 1 computer and the Apple 2 computer. After that, he created the Macintosh computer which made him a large amount of money. He also founded Pixar and NeXT, both a huge success. As you can see Steve Jobs had very amazing accomplishments.

Markus had too many accomplishments to count and they weren 't the type to go unnoticed. Notch made his first game at the age of seven or eight and it was fully working. Next, he worked at Midasplayer for a while but quit. After that, he worked at Activision Blizzard for a period of time but also quit. Further, he created Minecraft and became a billionaire because of it. Also, he founded Mojang with Jakob Porser and Carl Manneh. As you can see there is no way that Notch’s many accomplishments would go

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