A Comparison Of Sigmund Freud And Moss Maimonides

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In comparing Sigmund Freud and moss Maimonides, I have found that the two are very different, and only ever agree on the fact that the mind is the best place where one can rest, but also the place most people long to escape. Freud explains that the mind is where dreams are created in four aspects, as wishes, fears, memories or opinions. He elaborates more on the sides of the fears and wishes, mostly because they are the most opposite. Maimonides elaborates more on the issues of having too much knowledge, and comparing it to fruit. The interpretation of dreams by Sigmund Freud holds a ton of information, mostly about what our dreams mean and how they can influence our daily lives. He expresses on page 310, that dreams can be wishes, fears,…show more content…
The nightmares, and the dreams you have where you change your opinion from an argument from earlier that day. Maimonides explains that dreams can be effected by the knowledge we seek and keep. Like food, knowledge is good in intervals and in portions, because if you eat thirty plates of pancakes you will feel horrible and bloated, the same goes for knowledge, too much knowledge can be highly overwhelming and not find its rightful place in your mind to stay and grow and produce ideas. Donald McCallum expresses in his article “Approach to Maimonides Guide” that Maimonides is trying to get people to understand that cramming before tests, and trying so hard to digest information in a short a=amount of time either provides no nourishment, or pain from the bloating of the brain. Freud explains that dreams can come from this, that when you do something during the day that stresses you out, your dreams will portray your opinion, and possibly twist your ideals in to a different format, or give them a weird side to your thoughts. Your dreams will also replay events that have happened and will force you to have the opposite…show more content…
So its underlying consciousness tries to do what you would normally do, get up and get a drink, but you are sound asleep, and will not get up. So your dream produces the effect of drinking to quench your thirst. This is where modern culture would explain, that these dreams are how sleep walkers were produced. Anne Stiles explains that highly active people are more prone to sleep walking, because their brain is aware of the “to do list” and all the things they have planned for the next day. It is now a learned instinct to take care of the things that we have planned, in the shortest time frame possible so that we can cram more things into our day. Gillian Swanson explains that instinct is a very tender thing, there are human instincts that we have had since the dawn of time, like to eat, drink and stay warm, but there are learned instincts, like be on time, have friends, and do chores or

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