A Comparison Of Sherlock And The Game Of Throck

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Albert Einstein once said, “The one that follows the crowd will usually get no further than the crowd. The one who walks alone, is likely to find himself in places no one has ever been.” Characters in two major television shows, Game of Thrones, and Sherlock, greatly personify this idea. HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones is based off of a series of books, titled A Song of Ice and Fire. The books and television show are set in fictional fantasy land made up of several continents and kingdoms, and within these kingdoms, there are several major houses, such as the Targaryens, Baratheons, and Lannisters. These houses are all fighting to gain control of the Iron Throne to rule the Seven Kingdoms. The series incorporates many different plot lines…show more content…
Sherlock is very distant and often goes hours without speaking due to the amount of time he spends sitting alone and simply thinking. Sherlock is incredibly intelligent, but is easily bored when faced with something that is not challenging enough. He gets easily bored and agitated when faced with a lack of work, as well. Sherlock is able to manipulate people fairly effortlessly, because he is able to “read” people and their personalities based on their appearances. He has a very sarcastic and sometimes dark humor, causing him to come off as very rude and arrogant; Sherlock calls himself a “highly-functioning sociopath” because of his lack of tactfulness towards others’ personal lives and emotions. However Sherlock is very caring towards those who he is closest with. He also has an addictive behavior, through an overly excessive use of drugs such as nicotine, which is linked back to his tendencies of attachment as a child. Tyrion has a very witty, sarcastic, and often vulgar sense of humor. He is also able to easily manipulate people through his enhanced communicative skills, which has repeatedly saved his life, as he is almost constantly in danger. He, like Sherlock, uses his wit and intellect to his advantage, and recognized from an early age that his mind was his strongest weapon. Tyrion is very blunt towards most, but is kind and caring specifically to those that he cares about, and those that are treated in the same horrible manner he was because of his deformity. He has an addiction to drinking, as a result of a lack of affection and the amount of stress that he has accumulated over the course of his
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