A Comparison Of Picasso's Guernica And Pablo Picasso

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When we think of art and painting it is hard not to think of the iconic Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. Pablo Picasso although mostly a cubist artist also indulged himself in the work of surrealism, at times combining both into one beautiful piece of work. Pablo Picasso has created an array of subjects within his artistic resume including war, death, and destruction. Although he may have created one of the iconic masterpieces entailing the subject or war he was not the only artist to portray such events in response to political distress. An Iraqi born artist by the name of Ahmed Alsoudani would soon follow the same road, differing only in that this style or subject would become his concentration. Both witnessed great atrocities within their native homeland prompting the creation of Pablo Picasso’s “Guernica”, and Ahmed Alsoudani’s vast array of war-driven paintings. Both artist entail the use of symbolism within their art rather than portraying the topic at hand in a direct and realistic fashion.…show more content…
The inspiration needed to create a heart-felt portrait must have an origin. Pablo Picasso is no exception when creating his art, especially the masterpiece known as “Guernica”. This portrait was a response to the bombing of a little town known as Guernica, hence the name bestowed upon the drawing. Though it should be known that Picasso had originally been reluctant to draw for the Democratic Party who requested his abilities in creating an anti-republican mural. Pablo Picasso never liked to mix art and politics and it would have remained so if not for the 1,000,000 people flooding the streets protesting after news of the bombing in Guernica reached Paris, which happened to be where Pablo Picasso was located at the

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