A Comparison Of John Singer And Spiros Antonapolus

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The characters I pick for this story are John Singer and Spiros Antonapolus, two characters which I personally thought were the most interesting to me because of their tragic relationship in the story. The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter shown me that Singer had a positive view on life whenever he was around Antonapolus . Whenever they were around each other they were happy and they did not need anyone but themselves in life. The bizarre behavior that Antonapolus would display because of his mental illness would not prevent the two from being happy. Singer would visit him in the mental asylum telling him his stories and they could be happy. Singer also made other people happy with kind and gentle nature. Mick would visit Singer in his single room and would describe him as a the nicest man she knew as she says on page 91. Copeland, Jake and Biff also enjoyed Singer 's being around them because of his kindness showing that…show more content…
Singer saw Anotonapotus as his friend but also as a man that would get himself into trouble with the law and would get him sent to jail. The crimes he would commit would theft, committing public indecencies, and assault and battery as described on Chapter One, part one of page 8. Members of the community saw Anotonapotus as problem for the community causing him to be sent away an insane asylum. When Singer sees Anotonapotus in the asylum he has not changed at all from the last time they saw each other. Anotonapouts continued to be lazy while in the asylum and gotten in Singers opinion "fatter" and would make rude obscene gestures to those around as he does on Chapter 6 of part 1 on page 94 and again to Carl in 203, showing that Singer as right about Anotonapouts not changing his bizarre behavior to those around him. But despite his bizarre behavior Singer continued to see Anotonapouts as a friend and remember him for the good times they
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