A Comparison Of Immanuel Kant And Ayn Rand

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Philosophy is amongst the most difficult and challenging subjects anyone can discuss. Philosophy has changed throughout the years and it can be inquiring and critical. Most philosophers have different theories on how the world should be and there are many issues and questions that arise. What is real; what is truth; what is good; is the mind something separate from the body; and are we free, or are our actions determined so that we no longer have any control or influence? Immanuel Kant and Ayn Rand are two Philosophers that are respected for their different philosophies. Their lives, influences, and thoughts of how we should be as a society are ideas that make them so different. For most people, to figure out who someone is and why they think…show more content…
She was a precocious child who loved to read heroic aspects of literature.1 As a child, she always knew she was going to be a writer. At the age twelve, the Bolshevik Revolution began and her family had to move away from the violence, so they found a new home in Ukraine.1 Alyssa and her family suffered in the hands of the communists, and the pharmacy that they owned was confiscated and left them penniless.1 Eventually, they moved to Crimea and she graduated from the local high school. Later she moved and attended Petrograd State University.1 There she studied philosophy and became infatuated with the free life that the United States had.1 Later she managed to get a visa at the age of twenty and came to America on a pretext of visiting some family.1 She changed her name to Ayn Rand and began a journey that would change her life forever.1 She had already given herself a name for screen writing in the State Institution for Cinema Arts in Petrograd. She was given an opportunity to meet a film director by the name of Cecil B. Mille in Chicago where she lived with family. Soon after, she became a script reader, a wardrobe attendant and a screen…show more content…
Hicks). Immanuel Kant and Ayn Rand were born in different eras and had different lives but they both had great works. Their ways of life were opposite from each other. The best of both philosophies would perhaps be a person that would do what is right with the right motives, live for himself without bringing to harm to others, with good intentions and have divine ethical moral values. In my personal theory, if all these good attributes were combined it would an awesome

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