A Comparison Of God And Satan In Shakespeare's Paradise Lost

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Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar follows the conquest of a group of Roman nobles whose main goal is preventing Caesar from becoming king. Brutus, who is arguably the main character despite not being the title of the play, after being convinced by Cassius of the danger Caesar poses, agrees murdering Caesar will be done in the name of bettering the county’s future. This is a perfect example of people of a lower status uniting and fighting against what they proclaim is an opposing force. The premise of the epic poem Paradise Lost deals with a very similar situation except on what could be considered a much grander scale; using God and Satan as key roles in the unraveling of mankind. However, the tale takes a radically different perspective on…show more content…
Status quo is possible without creating an unfair balance of power. Both Satan and Brutus are considered lesser than their subsequent leaders, God and Caesar, and if they had a stable social ladder perhaps all they mayhem could have been avoided. Being forced to submit is a perfect example of a leader misusing their power. “To adore the conqueror? who now beholds cherub and seraph rolling in the flood with scattered arms and ensigns, till anon his swift pursuers from heaven gates discern the advantage, and descending thread us down” (Milton 1.323-327). What kind of entity is God that Satan and the Rebel Angels would assume that only kneeling down and begging for forgiveness would be the way to successfully win back a place for them in Heaven. The actual act of kneeling physically creates a submissive role between follower and ruler and suggests no could ever be equal with God. This is precisely why Satan attacked in the first place; he believed there was unfairness to God’s leadership. A form of punishment is understandable, but if forgiveness for their actions has to come in a form of physically presenting them as lesser it becomes degrading for all parties involved. This would establish unbalanced
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