A Comparison Of Friedrich Nietzsche And Karl Marx

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Both of the German philosophers, Friedrich Nietzsche and Karl Marx, have spoken levels on the nature and purpose of human beings, however, the defining difference in their criticisms and teachings is the idea of where ‘power’ comes from and what man is supposed to do with it. Despite the fact that the philosophers had separate objectives in mind when inditing their literature, their comparative delivery presents similarities due to the subjects that seem to have fallen prey to criticism in their writings. However, their difference in ideology is particularly significant due to the manner in which they address their main quodlibet of the power of human beings with either a targeted attack or invocation of herd-mentality to support their provocative theories. The
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2) Marx expresses his theory of how all humans naturally desire to perform labor and have a distaste for faineance, yet Nietzsche speaks of the absurdity and danger in which humans works themselves tirelessly and ignore their innate necessities:
What destroys a man more quickly than to work, think and feel without inner necessity, without any deep personal desire, without pleasure – as a mere automaton of duty? That is the recipe for decadence, and no less for idiocy… (The Antichrist, sec. 11)
This separation in views demonstrates how Marx’s philosophy is preaching for solidarity amongst his audience, whereas Nietzsche’s philosophy is attempting to persuade his audience into solitude. Their difference in principles and views on human power is most likely due to the circumstances in time period or era of which they were writing their philosophies and the respective audiences that came with the social and political conflicts of that particular

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