A Comparison Of Characters In The Hunger Games And The Hunger Games

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The characters in both The Hunger Games and 1984 respond to the governments repressive regime similarly in many ways however have some differences. “Caged birds live together but freedom is what they long for” (Tennessee Williams) is a quote which represents the actions taken by the characters of 1984 and The Hunger Games as they live under a terrifying dictatorship which they accept until they have no other choice but look for freedom due to the reason the tension caused by the governments. The citizens of both Panem and Oceania experience the governments repressive actions on a day to day basis as they are constantly under surveillance without freedom, liberty or anything to enjoy within the society. The protagonists who are found within these societies realize that freedom is a distant dream unless they respond to the governments repressive actions. However, the citizens living in these societies are psychologically controlled through the…show more content…
The protagonist in The Hunger Games seems to be more physical in her approach while Winston is rather shy in is approach to go against the government. Their response to the regime they live under varies this is therefore a key difference between the protagonist in 1984 and The Hunger Games. The characters in The Hunger Games support Katniss in her rebellion, people such as Gayle and Peeta follow her footsteps by also showing their anger against the Capitol, this is shown when Gayle says that they can “leave the district. Run off. Live in the woods.” (page 10). In 1984 we can also see Julia supporting Winston in the attempt to bring the government down. On the contrary, as a whole the citizens of both Panem and Oceania aren’t united alongside Katniss and Winston as a result of the fearful regime they possess; this similarity therefore shows the response given by most of the characters in both 1984 and The Hunger
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