A Comparison Of Abraham Lincoln And Jefferson Davis

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The outbreak of the American Civil War caused The United State to form two separate nations that would battle for their right to govern. In the South the Confederate States of America form under the leadership of Mississippi senator Jefferson Davis. In the North, what states remained from the United States became the Union, under President Abraham Lincoln. These two leaders came from two completely different backgrounds, yet history set them to compete head to head over the future of the United States. These men both had different forms of political experience and had different military strategy. In the end one would show superior leadership and tactics that help secure their victory.
Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis lead completely different political lives before the Civil War brought them to the forefront of politics. Jefferson Davis had much more experience than Lincoln in American politics, filling many different positions in the American Government. Davis began his career in politics after his successful career in the
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On paper, Davis is a superior politician to Lincoln who only has a single House term of political experience. While Davis is a career politician with a prestigious military career in the Mexican-American War, Lincoln still outperforms him. In the political sphere Lincoln is able to form a superior cabinet by choosing rival and critics who are the best at their job. While Lincoln makes friends, Davis had a tendency to make enemies with what his cabinet called an “acid tongue”. Also, Davis is a former military officer and graduate of West Point, but continually makes blunders in his military strategy. Whereas Lincoln who has next to no military experience shows that he has a profound understanding of military tactics. Abraham Lincolns surprising political and military prowess helped the union overcome the Confederacy during the Civil
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