A Comparison Of A Trip To The Alamo

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Visiting the Alamo My most memorable trip was to san AntonioTexas. I was doing the water walk with my family. They knew I always wanted to see the Alamo as a surprise they took me to see the Alamo. I liked the Alamo because it was a part of United States history. The stone walls stood there in front me like the fortress of solitude. The Alamo was a very depressing site the way the people barricaded themselves inside the enemy from getting to them. The enemy wanted to make peace and share the land. Our common American stubborn minds we decided not to make peace with our enemy’s. Instead, we decided to fight against the Spanish. In, in the end, we lost more of our pride then we would of if we would of. If we would have just listened to our hearts and not fight.…show more content…
I was walking through it and looked around the room everyone was crying except for me. I did not understand why everyone was crying. It was our fault because we did not want to share the land. The coolest part was when I was almost thrown into a cactus. The plant I imagined it like when Superman was being put in the phantom zone by Lex Luther. I know that the phantom zone pulls on your muscles. Cactus can do the exact can pull your muscles also. One of my sisters actually had an allergic reaction to kryptonite. Well, I guess it was a cedar tree I just like to call it her kryptonite. We did not have to give her the antidote luckily. She was able to pull the kryptonite away from herself We then continued to the next area of the Alamo. Which was inside it was just like the Bat Cave. There was a table where they would eat, okay so maybe not just like the Bat Cave. I just like describing the Alamo-like the Bat Cave. In the corner, there was a bed with blankets with the blood of a soldier stained on
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