A College Tuition: Where Does The Money Go?

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1138 words

Considering the fact that a college degree doesn 't guarantee success some people decide that college is not the right decision. While some are convinced that not going to college may guarantee failure, students can still be successful without a degree. Though some careers may require a college degree there are still jobs that don’t require a college degree. Nevertheless, critics would probably argue that they wouldn 't make as much money as people who have a college degree. This isn 't always true because being a business owner doesn’t require a college degree. However business owners still have the ability to make as much money as someone with a college degree. Society has placed such an emphasis on college that they discourage individuals …show more content…

However people don 't often acknowledge where the tuition money is going and how the moneys being spent? In “College Tuition: Where Does the Money go?” David Harriman gives an understanding of how tuition money is being spent. Harriman states that most of the college tuition is spent employing faculty members. The majority of the money being spent on employing faculty isn 't much of a surprise because there are thousands of students and they need enough faculties to support students. Harriman shows that tuition money helps to pay for many things in college like labs, auxiliary enterprises, operation and maintenance, student services, and scholarships and grants. Harriman shows that tuition money helps to pay for many things in college. Although the tuition is need for all these things it brings up the question of why tuition costs are rising each year? Harriman accredits the growth of tuition to state funding decreasing causing colleges to raise tuition. He also accredits that college has become a business that wants to draw students in. Harriman doesn 't keep in mind that college becoming a business isn 't exactly all positive in ways. Encourage students to come to a specific college may provide that college with the money the need ,however changing education to encourage students that college is right may cause college to lose the integrity of

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that even though a college degree doesn't guarantee success, students can still be successful without one. business owners can make as much money as someone with one's degree.
  • Analyzes how society discourages students who haven't chosen to go to college. erika anderson states that students should focus on developing skills and knowledge outside of college instead of being discouraged.
  • Analyzes how both the government and society promote students to go to college. in rebecca klein's "states prioritizing prisons over education," the spending on prison-related expenses increased 140 percent between 1986 and 2013.
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