A College Education Is Not Worth The Time and Money

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Many college graduates are finding it hard to get jobs. The biggest issue is the amount of student debt. Furthermore, when an education becomes outdated a few years after graduation, a college degree becomes worthless. If a college graduate does not land a good paying job six month after graduation, they have to start paying off their student loans. In addition, many employers will hire someone with an out dated college degree. College is now impossible for most students to afford without getting deeply into debt, is not worth the time and money, and many students are beginning to look at non-degree career options.
From the time a child enters grade school, they are taught that in order to succeed in life they must get good grades in high school so they can be accepted into the best colleges. They are taught that if they get a college degree that a career job will be guaranteed upon graduation. High schools do not teach students how to start their own business or invent their own product. There are no special classes offered to explore other non-degree career options. Unless a student buys into the belief that they need a college degree to succeed in the workforce, they take non-skilled minimum wage jobs. A college student can no longer afford their college tuition by working a job without getting student loans or financial assistance their parents. The government has destroyed this by providing easy students loans to anyone who applies and there is no credit check. Today, many students cannot find jobs after they get a college degree. Student loan payments begin within six months after graduation, and many students owe thousands of dollars and have to work non-skilled minimum wage jobs to begin paying on these loans. In view of...

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...1% of recent high school graduates in college have found jobs.
Hundreds of thousands of college graduates hold bottom-rung positions as waiters, and cashiers paying off thousands of dollars in student loans. More and more people are looking at skilled trade jobs that require no college degree and are quickly discovering that college isn’t the only way to achieve success. Student loans are destroying many student’s hopes of achieving success in the workforce and ruining their lives trying to pay off student loans. The government needs to remove it’s self from the student loan business and let the banks take over. It’s the only way to lower tuition and other costs associated with obtaining a college degree. Anyone seeking a college education should compare college degree and non-degree careers in order to determine which one is a better investment in time and money.
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