A Cohesive Group of Inmates Under General Irwin

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It took a while for General Irwin to establish himself as the transformational leader that the inmates needed, but after he did, he was treated like a respected, high-ranking military official during his time at Leavenworth, though he was in the same position as all of the other men surrounding him. With the earned respect and newfound common goal he established with the rest of the prisoners, the beginning stages of his transformational leadership style came into fruition. He was able to figure out how to bring them together cohesively and united them under common norms and goals, leading them to a higher performance level (Class 11-4, P-states).
The group of inmates, without the presence of Irwin, wasn’t very cohesive and though they were classified as a single group in the eyes of Colonel Winter, the prison’s warden, they acted as individuals and only looked out for themselves. A scene that really exemplified lack of cohesion between the inmates was at the start of the film when the inmates began fighting over a game of basketball over a petty argument. They really didn’t like ...

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