A Coffee Company: The Case Study Of Starbucks

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Starbucks Corporation is a Coffee company based on Washington. It buys, roasts, and sells whole bean through an international net of outlets.Starbucks, from its inception as a seller of premium and packaged coffees, is emerged in a firm known for its coffeehouses, people can buy beverages, food items and packaged whole bean and ground coffee.. The credit goes to Starbucks as it has succeeded in altering the way American and other people of the world-sees and consumes coffee, in this way it has attracted world attention.
Starbucks has evolved one of the fastest flourishing companies not only in the United States but throughout the world. Starting from 1992, the company's net revenue improved with annual growth rate of 20%, to
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Infact, some observers give Starbucks 2 years maximum before U.S. market gets saturated. Now 1200 outlets are operating internationally in the chain, from Beijing to Bristol----Aug 2002,this gives huge room for grow. Infact approximately 400 or its planned 1200 new stores in this year would be constructed overseas, which will represent a 35% rise in its foreign base. Starbucks hopes to double the quantity of its stores globally, to about 10,000 in 3year period.
Consolidation and product market development alternatives for Starbuck:
Starbuck with its more 7500 shops throughout the world from the united states of America to the Asia and middle east is one of the very well known brand which deal is retail business especially famous for its Coffee. Starbuck is not only the retailer of coffee but its sales coffee for drinking with in bottles ( like star bucks Frappuccino and starbucks double shot etc.
We can guess the extend of the starbucks popularity and expansion from the fact that starbucks is opening almost three stores in a single day which is amazing and thats makes it revenue to grow constantly but in order to manage that profitablility starbucks need to implement a policy which is focused on constant and product and market
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