A Classroom Teacher And A Future Educational Leader

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As a classroom teacher and a future educational leader, I must continue to learn new technologically innovating practices to increase my students’ engagement and foster the skills they will need to succeed in college and their careers in the 21st century. My students are accustomed to getting their information quickly through the Internet and other media, so I need to ensure that I am preparing them to become integral members of a global society that is increasingly technologically savvy. In my third grade classroom, I regularly use technology to support and enhance instruction, engage students, and increase motivation. I currently use basic technology to support instruction in my classroom in many ways. For example, students use PowerPoint to create their presentations on freedom fighters such as Susan B. Anthony and Caesar Chavez. They also use MS Word to create original poems and publish their writing. As for me, I use Excel for preparing spreadsheets to record and compare quarterly benchmark scores, state assessment data, and other classroom formative assessment data. These data enable me to tailor instruction according to the students’ varying needs. Of course, I use email to keep parents informed about their children’s progress as well as classroom and school related events. On a daily basis, students have an opportunity to practice fluency and comprehension on Raz-Kids.com at school and at home, so they can receive additional support for their literacy skils. This program allows them to read stories on their Fountas and Pinnell levels and then requires them to answer a series of text-based questions. When they score 80% or higher, they receive game points to redeem on the site. Another unique feature is that they... ... middle of paper ... ...dents who responded correctly or incorrectly. The data are useful in identifying which students require additional help or reinforcement in that area. Students enjoy using this application. The use of technology in my classroom has unquestionably enhanced my instruction, motivated and engaged my students, and provided them with the ability of accessing resources from home to support their learning of academic concepts. It has also enabled them to receive hands-on practice in operating the latest forms of technology and applications while preparing them to become future leaders in a highly technological global society. As an educator in the 21st Century New Literacy Age, I continue to acquaint myself with new advances and innovations in technology and embrace and implement current technological practices in the classroom to maximize student achievement and success
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