A Citizen Of The United States

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One of the biggest problems in the history of the United States of America is deciding who is a citizen and who is not. Also deciding how that one person is going to prove themselves that they can be a citizen of the United States. That is a big a concern for this country and it has been since the first slave stepped off the boat onto U.S soil. The process to become a United States citizen is having to pass a written test dealing with the history of the United States or being born in the country is granted automatic citizenship. Being a citizen of the United States carries multiple benefits and is one thing everyone in the world wants. Knowing that the United States is a free country with a fair and democratic voting system really opens the eyes of people not a part of the country. This is a completely different way that it was in the history of this country. Before 1865 black slaves that were being imported into the United States were not considered a citizen, they were not even considered a full person. During times of figuring out the population of a specific area they were 3/5 a person. Slaves had it very rough from being whipped to working endless hours of cotton picking and the fact that they were never going to see their family ever again. Having slaves become citizens was a very hard process it took a lot of time and effort from the African American population residing in the United States, the pushing force of having slaves become citizens was done by Dred Scott. Dred Scott was a slave owned by multiple people, and is well known for filing freedom suits against the United State. Dred Scott who resided in the Wisconsin and Illinois territory for four years sued the United States Supreme Court for the right to freedom. Dre... ... middle of paper ... ...ts were not in oppositions to the teachings of the founding fathers. The Missouri Compromise was destroyed by Chief Justice Taney. In the ruling of Scott v Sandford that Negroes could never be considered citizens it made the entire Missouri Compromise irrelevant. The Missouri Compromise was passed by congress and it outlawed slavery in northern states. Since slaves were considered nothing but property to the owner, the Fifth Amendment insures that a citizen of the United States is guaranteed the right to have life, liberty, and property. The Missouri Compromise goes against the Fifth Amendment because it is putting restrictions on a person’s right to their slave, which in terms of the constitution a slave is considered property. Due to the Missouri Compromise it restricted slave-owners so they could not freely take their slaves anywhere they wanted in the country.
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