A Child Molester's Mind: How They Choose Their Victims

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In this essay I will be discussing the definition of Child Molestation and providing data about the topic through various sources researched to understand why abuse takes place and those who abuse. What is Child Molestation? Child Molestation is a crime that can involve different sexual or salacious activities done to a minor child by an Adult. Children who are victims of Child Molestation are usually under the age of fourteen, and the Molester’s age can range anywhere from sixteen years and above. Child molestation can be a mental disorder that is passed down from generation to generation. If parents could understand why child predators molest children and how they select and groom their victims then they can begin to protect their children from molesters. When a late adolescent or adult is primarily or exclusively attracted to a minor child sexually they become diagnosed with the psychiatric disorder pedophilia. Mostly a person is not diagnosed with this disorder unless they have had this attraction for six months or longer. This attraction can be in the form of fantasies which are sexually arousing to the perpetrator, or the urge to engage in sexual activities with a minor child. In addition, in order to be diagnosed the molester will have to have acted on these urges or suffered from some type of distress, which will be result from having these feelings. Also the molester should be at least sixteen years old with the victim being younger than them by a minimum of five years. Offenders are able to identify weaknesses in a child’s personality or life circumstances and then exploit them. There can be many different characteristics a Child Molester or Pedophile uses for their selection process. The characteristics are the foll... ... middle of paper ... ...ible child offender is not a good idea, due to the fact that there are various characteristics that do not align with just one possible profile. A person who seems to be normal according to society’s standards can turn out to be an offender. It is typical for an abuser to withdraw from society, refrain from all socialization, but these characteristics are not always common in all cases. For the most part abusers appear to have normal characteristics according to society’s standards. It is more important to try and recognize possible abuse that may be occurring, than to try to identify those who are committing the abuse. References 1. http://www.reid.com/training_programs/buckley-sexual_offenders.pdf 2. http://pediaview.com/openpedia/Pedophile 3. www.allaboutcounseling.com/sexual_abuse 4. legaldictionary.thefreedictionary.com

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