A Cheerful Christmas Memory

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When I think back to this moment, I remember all the soft murmurs that together created a high volume singular screech, the colorful cloud of different tones engulfing the children bodies and the trembling feet on the differently leveled ground. The warmth of the many figures present was comparable to the warmth of the sun on a summer day in mid-July. I felt so familiar to these circumstances. The music was exhilarating. I felt like we were a group, yet so individual. My pounding heart knew that this would be once again another nerve-racking moment. Fortunately, I had the possibility of sharing a significant moment like this with my fellow classmates. It is unusual to think of an ever-upcoming separation between you and the people you grew up with throughout your entire childhood. The typical touches to an occlusion like this were all present. The music existed of Dutch Christmas songs, which would be interrupted by our singing voices. All of us sang, whether you had a good singing voice or did not, no one felt the need to judge one another. I like to remind myself of my childhood experiences. My childhood felt like the safest place in my life span yet. There was hardly ever something to worry about. What we did in our learning time of this jovial moment was to socially connect, which was something not intended but is something that just happened. I never had to be insecure about the things I am now. I felt loved, because I was surrounded by all my school friends. We stood in front of an audience and no one minded what anyone thought of them. All we did is try to entertain them and attend to the end of our journey together in a pleasurable and memorable manner. The way I now put my hand in the air when I want to ask or answer a q... ... middle of paper ... ...e picture and I were as close as Monday and Tuesday. I still love them, even though I have not been surrounded by their pleasant personalities for 4 years now. The memories remain walking through my head and they always will. I will remember the joy I saw through some of the children’s sparkling spectacles and the gladness of the children playing soccer on the grass field. The memories of this moment that I captured in my mind bring up certain emotions in me. I miss the coziness, the love and the way we all laughed over an idiotic joke. I have never seen my friends again, but maybe it’s good to have the ability to live a beautiful dream, instead of having the possibility of creating a change in our overall relationship. Little girls grow up, but I have not been the only one. Everyone changes over the years, just like a caterpillar changes to a beautiful butterfly.
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